Meet The Founders


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    He’s a BAD MOTHER PUPPER… This gentle giant is a Tampa native who enjoys short walks on the beach, snacks and more snacks!

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    The sassy little sister of the PUPS PUB fam, Bon-Bon is the queen of the grrrram! Check out her picture pawfect adventures here:

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    Hi! I’m Rafael aka Rafi BOMB! I’ll be your point of contact for all PUPS PUB related inquiries. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!




    The self-proclaimed "Dogfather" of Pups Pub brings over a decade of award winning customer service, sales, and marketing to the dog bar industry.  He worked in the service industry growing up in Rhode Island before enlisting in the United States Air Force where he served as an Intelligence Analyst.  Upon completion of his enlistment, Alex pursued his passion in sports working for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Orlando Magic.  During that time he earned two degrees from the University of Tampa including a Masters in Entrepreneurship.  Alex joined forces with his wife Sheila and his best friend Trevor who served in the Air Force with him to open Tampa's first full liquor sports bar and dog park in December 2020.  Pups Pub Tampa was a big hit so the team set their sites on a second location in downtown Orlando which opened in July 2022.  As the Pups Pub pack leader, Alex is thrilled to share his love for dogs, sports, and partying with the rest of the country! 



    The Tampa native started her career in the casino industry with roles in both the food & beverage and gaming departments. Sheila discovered her passion for the hospitality industry working various management roles for independent bars and restaurants before transitioning into the commercial real estate sector where she demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for representing national franchise brands.  As a broker for Hybridge CRE, Sheila developed and implemented strategic growth plans throughout Florida markets while skillfully guiding franchisees through the intricacies of site selection and negotiation processes. Alongside her husband Alex and their business partner Trevor, they launched the first Pups Pub location in her home city of Tampa. This venture was not just a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit, but also a realization of her dream to create a space where her fondness of the hospitality industry and love for dogs converge. In her capacity as CEO of Pups Pub, Sheila's clear vision is to elevate Pups Pub as the Pack leader in dog-friendly hospitality concepts, redefining industry benchmarks for customer service, experience, and community engagement, catering uniquely to the needs and joys of dogs and their enthusiasts!



    Trevor brings integrity, leadership, and high intensity project management skills developed during his illustrious military and government contractor career to the Pups Pub pack. He served as an Intelligence Analyst where he deployed twice overseas. Trevor quickly climbed the US Air Force ranks and began supervising Top Secret (TS) Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Following his enlistment, he transitioned into ongoing service as a private government contractor working as an Airborne Sensor Operator where he successfully flew over 800 ISR Special Operations support missions. His seamless blend of dedication, strategic thinking, and collaborative expertise has been and continues to be an integral part of Pups Pub's vision to deliver the best dog bar concept to new markets!